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The whole world of personalized neon

How do you make a personalized neon?

23 Nov 2022

1) Neon: a trend?

I nvented at the beginning of the 20th century, personalized neon lights now illuminate all major cities in the world.

You may have seen it: Neon sign , customizable neon online, wedding hall, rooms can also house some of them and some cars in the field of tuning can also display them…

You will have understood that personalized neon is a very tendentious product.

2) Operation

But by the way, how does it work?! 🤷

Bright neon signs are made by bending glass tubes, so as to give rise to different letters or shapes.

These tubes are then filled with inert gas such as argon or neon gas. Once your small lamps are installed where you want them, when you press the switch, the electric current then touches certain electrodes present in the glass tubes, thus making the electrons flow through the gas and allowing the atoms of gas to inside the neon to produce that famous warm glow.

Well, I hope you didn't get lost with all this information 👀

3) Where to buy a custom neon?

The cheap online custom neon specialist in France is

It offers the lowest prices on the market. Several neon collections are available: Cocooning, Events, Gaming, Business and many others to discover here .

An example of neon sold at Roi du Neon:

gaming king of neon custom custom wall sconce

Thank you for reading, see you soon 🖖

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